• Single Line kites

    We are craft enthusiast, our artistry and designs are empowered by consistent innovations. ADK provides Advertising Kites Manufacturing Services. Exclusive kites built by us delivers creativity sculpted through pure imagination, offering striking chromatic graphics.

  • 3D Dual line Snake Kite

    We can deliver contrast to your site promotion, with finest visual formations. No matter if you are making your debut or you are accomplished in your business, our vision is to create an impact and flourish your biz further, blended with our essence.

  • Modern Kite making workshops

    We have conducted workshop for more than 1000 students on 21st Jan 2012 in Solapur IKF, Maharashtra INDIA claiming world record for conducting modern kite making.

  • World kite museum; Washington D.C.

    Our glorious kite “radha krishna kite” is dominating its presence at World Kite Museum, washington D C. USA, along with “Lord Ganesh Kite” at Turkey kite museum, TURKEY.

  • LED Night Flying

    Our work will grant fame to your life, we have the perception and efforts to use it. Connect with us, we would love to discuss about your business, together we can explore numerous possibilities.

Welcome to Ashok Designer Kites

Single Line Kites


ADK is been designing modern fancy kites since 1996. We have kites from size 1 1/2 inch to 150 ft in height  Read more...

Mini Kites


Mniature kites could be as small as 1 inch . Adk has designed many such small miniature kites Read more...



We conduct modern kite making workshops , camps where we teach how to design a modern kite  Read more...



Founder president of ADK has received first prize for his kite designs in many International and national kite shows  Read more...

Ashok Designer kites is the brain child of Mr. Ashok Himmatlal Shah of Dahanu. His love for kite flying turned to a passion for designing kites. He is a kite enthusiast who not only designs unusual kites but is committed in spreading the skills of kite making and flying. What started as hobby kite flying has blossomed into a full fledged activity through his club. To his credit he has designed kites from one inch to 200 feet using various material. He has designed and made modern hi-tech kites of all types right from 3D box kite, parafoil kites, flexi foils, two line as well as 4 line stunt kites, Delta's etc.

Ashok has experimented and made  kites from varied material like thermocol, leaves, paper dish, paper napkin, ripstop nylon, plastic and many more.

Advertising/Branding on kites

Ashok Desgner Kites, ADk Dahnu Maharastra INDIA is providing Wide Rang of Different Shape Advertising Kites  For Private And Corporate Company, hotels or  Read more...

Modern Kite making Workshop

Here In ADK Ashok Designer kites we conduct modern kite making workshops and have registered an world record for the same.Read more..

marriage kite show order kite for marriages ashok designer kites adk

Kite show in marriages

ADK is prominent kite club in India and the first ever to conduct kite shows for entertainment in marriages and other momentous event Read more..

Kite Aerial photography

Here in ADK we been manufacturing kites specially designed for Aerial photography. Keeping in mind kites for such use have to be extremely Steady and Read more.. 

Kite Festival Organiser

ADK was established in 1996, and ever since has been part of many national and international shows and also organised many famous kite shows  Read more..

led night flying kite ashok designer kites, adk

Night Flying

Here in ADk we also organize night kite flying shows. We have light wind kites with led and many other gears to light the sky  Read more..